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吳林峰 Ng Lam Fung


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香港男唱作人。吳林峰於2021年推出首張EP《LIFE DOUNT》及《樂壇已死》一曲而深入民心,同年舉行首個個人演唱會。2022與謝芊彤合唱的感人作品《我也難過的》獲得2022年度叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮「專業推介叱咤十大 第九位」。近年為不少本地流行歌手創作多首大熱作品,包括《純白》、《狂人日記》、《組合》等,令他成為 21/22年度 Chill Club年度作曲人。

Ng Lam Fung as a Hong Kong male singer-songwriter. He released his first EP <LIFE DONUT> and held his first concert in 2021, and his song The Music Scene is Dead (樂壇已死) gained wild popularity. His song I’m Sad Too (我也難過的) featured Tse Chin Tung was awarded Top Ten Songs of the Year - 9th Place in Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2022. He also wrote several local hits, including Pure White, A Madman’s Dairy, Partner, and was awarded Composer of the Year in Chill Club Chart Award Presentation 21/22.



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